Phuket detox: Reset your body at Thanyapura

Phuket detox

The Thanyapura Phuket detox will rejuvenate and refresh your body.

The Thanyapura Phuket detox program offers you the chance to relax and replenish your body with a tailored diet. The detox provides you with one-to-one consultations, assessments and analysis, as well as rejuvenating therapies in a relaxing, healthy and professional environment. Book your Thanyapura Phuket 7 day detox program in May and get 10% off!

Two glasses are sitting in front of you, both filled with water. The first glass is dirty and covered in muck, while the second is sparkling clean. If you were to drink out of one of them, which would it be?

The obvious choice would be the clean glass because it won’t make you sick but every day people start new healthy lifestyles and set a goal to lose weight, tone up or even just improve their general well-being while drinking out of the dirty glass.

Let me explain – apply this to your body. Year after year you have eaten processed foods, drank alcohol or smoked without detoxifying your body. The effects of your unhealthy lifestyle have started to become clear and you have noticed that you feel tired, bloated and generally run down.

So, you decide to embark on a new journey – eating moderately healthy, limiting your alcohol and exercising more frequently. However, you notice that although you’re experiencing small changes, you still feel the similar.

This is because your body is the dirty glass.

Over the years, toxins have built up and cannot be released without being detoxified and even though you’re now putting the clean water into the glass – the glass is still dirty and cannot be cleared until you get rid of the toxins from your body.

Now is your time to start nourishing your body and undo years of damage. Thanyapura offers you the chance to detoxify your body and help flush out any harmful toxins, so that you can start drinking from the clean glass. Our facilities stretch beyond healthy eating and exercising. Within our impressive Phuket sports facility, we offer you the chance to refresh your mind, educate yourself on a healthy future and take part in a 7 day detox that aims to transform you and your body.

During the detox you will get to meet with world class health, fitness and medical professionals in our Thanyapura Integrative Health Centre, the Thanyapura Mind Centre and the Fitness Centre. As part of our Phuket detox program, you will stay in a relaxing environment at the Thanyapura Sports Hotel and Thanyapura Retreat Hotel.

Book your Phuket detox in May and get 10% off the asking price *

Our delicious detox juices and food are specially designed by Thanyapura’s nutritionists and doctors, so that you can benefit from the program as much as possible. Unlike other detox programs, we have a range of nutritious food items that you can eat while detoxifying.

So, what is in our Thanyapura Phuket detox juices? 

As part of the program you will be given 7 bottles of fresh juice each day, these are very nutritious and most of them quite tasty. These juices give your body everything it needs to flush out the bad toxins and replace with healthy and clean minerals, vitamins and fiber.

For example, our delicious Breakfast in a Bottle juice contains fruit such as mango and papaya. Other nutritious foods in this smoothie include  spinach, vanilla almond butter and flax seed. The combination of fruits, vegetables and seeds make it the perfect way for you to start your morning.

Later in the day we offer juices like the Button Blend, which was designed by Jenson Button. While Jenson Button was training here, he showed us his secret recipe and we now serve it as part of our Phuket detox program. This tasty juice includes coconut juice, dried dates, chia seeds, almond powder, protein powder and salt.

For more on our delicious drinks, view our recipe guide.

For more on the food and drink that are on offer at the Thanyapura Phuket detox, see the below slideshow.

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During the week, you will follow a tailored program  to meet your nutrition and dietary needs. This program will allow your body to rest, reboot and eliminate toxins. You can enjoy all of this, while being pampered by our therapists and medical professionals who provide supportive treatments.

All our packages include related tests to find the best diagnostic outcome for each patient, an initial check-up, supportive therapies and other benefits to maximize the outcome of your package.

Fitness Manager and Yoga Coach Natasha Dillon said that detoxing helps to rejuvenate her body.

“After detoxing, I always feel lighter and my body seems to work better, as if it has reset itself. My mind is also clearer and any negativity seems to dissipate.”

What is detoxing?

Detoxing will help to rejuvenate, renew and recharge your body and kick it out of hibernation. This happens when you drink juice and eat raw vegan foods over a short period of time (7-10 days). When you take part in a detox, you are flushing out your body from toxins.

More specifically, detoxification means ‘cleaning the blood’. When you detox, you are removing toxins from the blood in the kidneys, liver, lungs, skin and intestines. These toxins build up, meaning that your body cannot properly filter the impurities. This affects the cells in the body.

How will the Thanyapura Phuket detox benefit you?

The benefits of detoxifying include giving your organs a rest from digesting all the processed foods that people eat on a day-to-day basis.

Some of the major benefits that people experience when taking part in a detox are:

  • Helps with weight loss
  • Energy booster
  • Clearer thinking
  • Better skin and hair
  • Gets rid of excess waste from the body

Start your journey to health and fitness with our Thanyapura Phuket detox program. If you book your detox during May, we will give you 10% off the asking price.

For further information about how you can book your Thanyapura Phuket detox, visit

 *All discounted detoxes booked  can only be booked during May must be used before the 31st August. One purchase per person.

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