We all know posture is an important aspect of everyday life but it can be even more important when it comes to sports performance. Posture is so important to an athlete that it should actually be the first thing a strength & conditioning coach teaches or addresses. One should actually feel energized in the standing position because it is an active position but too often we will take the easy way out and slouch because it takes less effort to do this. Good posture can be described as;

“The balanced placement of the torso over the legs-feet is crucial whereby the pelvis is centered, not tipped forward, sideward or backward. The abdomen is slightly drawn in and the diaphragm is raised. The shoulders are lowered (depressed), dropped naturally resting downward. The Head is centered (fixated), and held straight with the eyes looking forward.”
So what exactly is considered ‘Good’ posture and what does that look like? Good posture can be identified as an imaginary line which passes through the earlobe, the cervical vertebrae, acromion (tri-angular projection part of the scapula – shoulder blade that forms the point or tip of the shoulders), the lumbar vertebrae, the center of the hip, just in front of the mid-line of the knee, and slightly anterior to the ankle bone.
Or if that sounds a little bit too confusing you can always pretend there is an imaginary line from the ear through the shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle joint, and your head is centered! The next time you get a chance, use a mirror and take a look to see what your posture looks like, it might just surprise you how hard it can be to stand there with correct posture!


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