One of the problems with losing a lot of weight is that I am constantly being asked, ‘what is the secret?’

One of the problems with losing a lot of weight is that I am constantly being asked, ‘what is the secret?’. I have some bad news for you.

There is no secret.

Don’t get me wrong. There are certain things that can make losing weight easier. But the real trick to it is simple. Burn more calories everyday than you consume. There you go. With this piece of brilliance go forth and commence your weight loss journey. Ok I maybe exaggerating a little bit now for the sake of comedy but the message is true. If you focus on this one simple rule, you will be on the right path to finally achieving the successful weight loss regime you are after.

Weight Loss Success Thanyapura PhuketI failed many times to lose weight. Before I started to lose weight I even had that moment of completely giving up. I made a grand announcement that it is hopeless! I cannot lose weight. I had a whole heap of clothes from when I was skinnier that I had always kept because I would eventually fit into them again. In my great moment of acceptance I threw them all out. This was a decision I would regret 6 months later as I had to fork out thousands of dollars on a completely new wardrobe of clothes. The point I want to make though is it is possible and I want to try and give you some tips that will help you along in your weight loss journey. Understand though, I am no expert and none of my advice has been tested in a lab or by scientists. I would also suggest that any person who is trying to lose weight speak to their doctor.

The first and biggest mistake I think I made was that I never really knew why I wanted to lose weight. Instead I kept saying “I want to lose X amount of weight”. Goal setting is important. But what happens once you have reached that number? It is amazing how many times I have seen people reach their milestone and automatically revert back to their old, unhealthy lifestyle. So if you really want to succeed there are two things you need to do. First, understand why you want to lose weight. Are you trying to find love? Is there an event you want to train for? Are you worried about your health? Once you understand the real reason you want to lose weight there is often no end date. This brings me to the second thing. Accept that losing weight is about changing your lifestyle. If it was easy, there would be no overweight people. You will not be able to stay fit and healthy if you plan to eat takeaway every night and drink all weekend. There will need to be sacrifices and these are things that will be different for the rest of your life.

One of the problems with losing a lot of weight is that I am constantly being asked, ‘what is the secret?’Fad diets don’t work. I tried them all. I tried what I thought was every trick in the book. Again, I feel the need here to point out that yes you can loose weight on a juice cleanse or by not eating for five days. But do you really want to do that for the rest of your life? The best advice I ever received was that unless you can see yourself eating that way for the rest of your life then don’t bother. Diet is important to healthy weight loss. You are going to need to pay attention to it. A great way to do this is to understand how much you are eating. I invested in a food scale and with a little bit of research I worked out roughly how much I should be eating. Once you start weighing your food it is shocking to see how much me over eat.

The final little tip I want to give to you is to ask for help. Losing weight is hard. It is emotional. There will be ups and downs. If you have a friend, partner, family member who is able to help you through it you will have a constant source of support and they may even be more tolerant when you get tired or hangry (angry because you are hungry). By being supported you are more likely to stay vigilant.

I really mean it when I say there is no secret. It doesn’t mean that it is easy but trust me when I say it is possible. If I can do it then anyone can!

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One of the problems with losing a lot of weight is that I am constantly being asked, ‘what is the secret?’Tim is completing a law degree in Sydney at the University of New South Wales and work as a PT focusing on weight loss and triathlon coach.  He is a member of MaccaX Triathlon Team and truly believes that triathlon is the greatest sport on earth.  Read more about his adventures on

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