Amelia Watkinson’s Professional Triathlon Training Tips

Amelia Rose Watkinson shares some Triathlon training tips. Amelia is a member of the Thanyapura Pro Triathlon Team, won 10 races since joining the team six months ago.  Amelia won 1st place in the female category in the Laguna Phuket Triathlon and Foremost Ironman 70.3 Thailand.  The triathlete shares helpful pre-race Triathlon training tips on how pros prepare for triathlons.


Pre-Competition Preparations

“My personal pre-race preparation is staying as relaxed and (although it sounds cliché) happy as possible.  A good triathlon training tip is getting plenty of sleep assists in this and so does a good diet, but you need to take a laid back approach to it. I write lists to feel organized.  For injury prevention, it’s important to listen to your body, if you’re starting to get any niggles, your body is indicating it needs rest; don’t under value the importance of recovery time in your training.”

Amelia prioritises training, sleep, mind training, and injury prevention when preparing for a competition.  Injury prevention is listening to one’s body when experiencing discomfort.  Niggles indicates a need for rest as recovery time is vital for training.  Sleep, combined with good diet, helps the body to recover.  Quality sleep aids the process of restoring and repairing the body.

triathlon training tips

Amelia Running

Training on Phuket’s Terrain

“Another triathlon training tip in preparation for the hills, I included some Big Buddha hill repeats (6 km or so) in weeks prior on the bike, and just running long hilly or off road tracks really builds up strength which is key for that type of course.”

To prepare for the hills, Amelia rides her bike up to Big Buddha Hill or Mount Nagakerd – Phuket’s famous landmark home to a 45-metre tall white marble Buddha statue built into its peak.  This
hill is popular with cyclists.  Amelia bikes six kilometres uphill weeks prior to the race.  Running along its off-road tracks builds strength and endurance – attributes required for long distances in triathlons.

Amelia Watkinson’s Professional Triathlon Training Tips
Bike Maintenance

“Make sure my bike is in perfect working order.”

Amelia takes her bike to Thanyapura’s Cycling Shop for basic maintenance service, ran by Lucky Phantip, the Assistant Triathlon Coach.


“When I’m racing and feel hurt, I remind myself that the faster I go, the sooner it’s over, and I can enjoy the accomplishments.”




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