Raw Food for Glowing Skin: Raw Chia Fruits Party

Most of us strive for clear, blemish-free, glowing skin.  The beauty industry rakes in billions of dollars a year from creams and potions promising to deliver top results.  In the case of nutrition, beauty really does come from within.  Eating fresh and raw food may be less expensive and more effective.

You can spend money on beauty products that MIGHT work or you can consider adopting a healthy diet.  Good nutrition is key to proper skin care.  There are plenty of super foods to add glow to your skin.

Tips for maintaining skin glow:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get enough sleep
  • Exercise
  • Avoid fatty and sugary foods
  • Avoid cigarettes and alcohol

Smoothie bowls are gaining popularity for people who prefer drinking morning nutrients as opposed to chewing.  Chewing is important for the digestion system and nutrient absorption.  Colourful smoothie bowls strike the right balance for those looking for fast skin glow boosts.  We’re sharing a simple and delicious recipe to help you maintain clear and bright complexion.

Raw Chia Fruits Party – Food for Glowing Skin

This is an easy recipe – the chia seeds are soaked in coconut juice the night before and are ready to be combined with mixed fruit in the morning.

  • Chia seed – among the many health benefits of this tiny wonder bomb, chia oil is for restoring vital moisture, fading redness and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Coconut juice – due to the dynamic blend of essential electrolytes, adding a coconut to your diet each day may have more benefits other than just hydration. Of course, keeping skin hydrated is vital to glow.

Mixed Fruits Garnish

  • Dragon fruit slices – containing 80% water, vitamin C, fiber, calcium, iron and phosphorus and also rich in beta-carotene, an antioxidant that is important for reducing the concentration of free radicals. Vitamin B3 is also great for moisturizing and keeping skin super smooth!
  • Cantaloupe slices – is powerful and packed with high levels of Vitamin A, which converts to beta-carotene. This promotes clear skin by thinning the outer layer of dead skin cells. Cantaloupe contains high levels of Vitamin C and antioxidants, which support the formation of collagen, a protein that provides elasticity and fullness to the skin.
  • Mango slice – Ripe mangoes are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A. Beta-carotene is a photo protective agent and it quenches the photo chemical reactions in the epidermis, thereby protecting the skin from the ultraviolet rays. Vitamin A has also been found to reduce oil production on the skin. So, if your breakouts have been bothering you, include mangoes in your diet! Vitamin A can also aid skin growth and repair, and reduce fine lines as well.
  • Kiwi slices – also a good source of vitamin E, another antioxidant that can help you achieve beautiful skin by fighting against the formation of free radicals.
  • Orange segments – The vitamin C prevents free radicals and provides freshness to your skin.
  • Dried cranberries – contain the same nutrients as fresh cranberries, dietary fiber and antioxidants. It is good to note that dried cranberries do have a reduced amount of vitamin A and vitamin C compared to fresh.
  • Goji berries – are loaded with beta-carotene (a pigment found in plants and fruits), which helps promote healthy skin.
  • Pomegranate seeds – possess anti-ageing properties.  The oil from pomegranate seeds helps strengthen the epidermis thus reducing or delaying wrinkles
  • Buckwheat seeds – rich in B complex vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine and folate, essential vitamins for healthy skin. In addition, the rutin content in buckwheat has antioxidant properties to reduce the signs of premature ageing.
  • Pumpkin seeds – These small seeds contain many essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, and manganese. They are also rich in antioxidants and provide generous quantities of vitamins E and A, and contain essential vitamins including vitamin K and B. They also contain adequate doses of sodium and potassium – a great snack!
  • Sunflower seeds – are also a rich source of selenium, another powerful antioxidant nutrient, which assists vitamin E in repairing your DNA. They also contain copper, which helps to produce the melanin that gives your skin its unique pigment.

Enjoy your healthy start to the day and don’t forget this recipe may also be used for an afternoon pick up too.

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