It’s in the “Mix”!

Do you feel you are not getting faster and reached a plateau?

Then it’s time to mix it up and put some spice into your running workouts!

A well structured running schedule includes:

. tempo runs
. interval sessions
. hill repeats
. drills and strides
. long runs
. run off the bike (for triathletes)

These methods will improve your aerobic fitness, speed, technique, strength and mental focus.

Follow a training schedule that is designed for your individual needs and goals.

If you plan to do a marathon you need to increase the volume and do more long runs. Is your goal a new Personal Best on 1500m intervals and tempo runs should be implemented more often.

At Thanyapura we offer Running Sessions on

Monday 4pm (30-40min trail run)

Tuesday 8:20pm Run off the bike with speed and recovery

Wednesday 5pm track session (intervals between 200m and 1000m)

Thursday 9am Run off the bike steady (7.5km)

Friday 4:30pm long Run 7.5 – 22.5km in different pace groups

Running in a group means learning from others. You’ll get inspired and experience the fun of running!

See you on the track, trails or on the road!


Thanyapura Phuket Thailand
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