September Update – Fitness

UFC Heavyweight Fighter Mark Hunt spent some time training at Thanyapura this week, doing everything from tennis to mind training. The ‘Super Samoan’ talks about how he gets prepared for a fight, what his future holds, and his time at Thanyapura.

The gym is busier with more people using both the cardio and power zone rooms under the guidance of our capable performance coaches, including Coach Stefan who will be back from the 1st of September.

We have had some new members join as the new school term has started. Our new later time slot classes for Yoga and Pilates for staff and guests have been very popular and in demand.

Wondering about what yoga can do for you? Here’s a great article from our yoga instructor Erin Fischer about 5 Top Benefits of Yoga for Athletes.

Check out this video by fitness manager Natasha Dillon for a great yoga sequence you can use to improve mobility and strength. The Crescent Lunge Sequence increases flexibility through the hips, quads, and lower back. It strengthens ankles, glutes, knees and thighs and improves balance. It also helps to open the chest region and is detoxing for the liver and kidneys because of the twisting action from the half prayer twist.

In the coming weeks we will be launching a 12-week body transformation challenge for staff, guests and members! Further details to come.

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