September Update – Sports Science

Heat versus altitude training is a hot topic lately. What is right for you? Here’s a great article about Heat vs. Altitude Training.

At Thanyapura we are pleased to offer the best of both worlds. Elite runner Ben St. Lawrence trained at Thanyapura before the Beijing Athletics World Championships.

Aside from training and acclimating in Phuket’s heat and humidity, Ben benefitted from having an altitude tent set up in his room which allowed him to sleep in an environment similar to 3000m high!

We are hoping to offer this service to both elite and non-elite guests of Thanyapura. This can help boost endurance performance and is an exciting new addition to our sports science services. For more information contact

About the Author

September Update - Sports ScienceTom Topham holds a 1st class honours degree in Sports Science (Human Performance) from Brunel University, England. He also comes from a triathlon background, competing as an age-grouper and holds a level 2 triathlon coaching qualification.

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