Snacks for Easy Weight Loss – 10 of the Best

Snacks for Easy Weight Loss – 10 of the Best

Snacks for Easy Weight Loss - 10 of the Best

There is a misconception that snacking always results in weight gain. Research shows that it is not the snacking in of itself that leads to weight gain, but rather the snacking habits that we adopt; those that add very few nutrients but too many calories to our diets. This means that if you snack right, you will not only keep your energy levels at an optimum level but also ensure that you are better placed to meet your nutritional demands.

But which snacking habits have the potential to enhance weight loss? When you eat snacks that have the correct nutritional balance and carry the appropriate calorie content, you lose weight easily whilst staying energized. When you eat snacks with proteins and adopt regular exercise, you fuel lean muscle mass growth which aids in increasing your metabolic rate and caloric burn. Snacks packed with fiber aid digestion and deter the desire to binge on sugars and fats. If you are looking to lose weight, settle for snacks with 5 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein, with a caloric content of under 200. Below are the ten best snacks for weight loss.

  1. Mixed Nuts

Nuts are among the best nutritious foods you can savor. Their health benefits are detailed in extensive research which justifies that snacking on a mixture of nuts boosts overall immunity, and reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular complications. Nuts are also shown to deter the growth of cancerous tissue and to reduce the risk of depression. However, most people are yet to discover the fantastic weight loss benefits of mixed nuts. Nuts have a perfect fiber, protein, and healthy fat balance. In fact, nuts have 180 calories in every 28 grams. What I love about nuts is their delicious taste. Since nuts must not be refrigerated, they become an easy snack to carry around even when you are not at home.

  1. Guacamole and Red Bell Pepper

How do you rate the nutritional value of red bell pepper? Personally, I consider it extremely healthy. Research suggests that even though other bell peppers are highly nutritious, the red bell pepper contains the highest antioxidant content, including quercetin, capsanthin, and beta-carotene. Additionally, the red bell pepper has an ample vitamin C content. A single large pepper has well above three hundred percent of the recommended amount of vitamin C. For a healthy weight loss snack, pair 85 grams of guacamole with a single, large red bell pepper. This combination will give you fiber and healthy fat whilst keeping your calorie intake below 200 units.

  1. Dry Unsweetened Coconut

I love dried coconut due to its portability, filling factor, and taste. When buying packaged coconut, ensure that your selection does not contain additional flavorings and sugars. Dry coconut is rich in healthy fat, such as medium-chain fat. Such fat is necessary in enhancing the metabolic rate, improving brain function in memory-impaired people, and promoting weight loss. Dry unsweetened coconut has around 185 calories in every 28 grams. Alternatively, you may want to settle for coconut oil. Coconut oil contains the most weight loss-friendly fat. Coconut oil has a unique fatty acid combination. These fatty acids are known to possess potent impacts on the metabolic rate. Coconut oil, in particular, eliminates unhealthy abdominal cavity fat. If you don’t like the taste of the oil, try a capsule or soft gel.

  1. Almonds and Dark Chocolate

Research shows that chocolate with 70% cocoa solids is rich in flavanols which are essential for heart disease risk reduction, weight loss promotion, and blood pressure management. On the other hand, almonds contain significant quantities of monounsaturated fats that are heart-friendly as well effective in controlling blood sugar levels. Research associates almonds with higher possibilities of reduced tendencies to binge on food. Minimal appetite is an essential factor in weight loss. An ounce of each food above may yield above 300 calories. Therefore, stick to less than an ounce of serving for this snack for the best weight loss outcomes.

  1. Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds are famous for their high fiber content. They are added to various diets with ease, and frequently as part of a vegan meal. The high fiber content keeps one satiated for a considerable amount of time, thus reducing the tendency to binge. You can find the best way to choose the best chia seeds in this article. Chia seeds are also a rich source of antioxidants. Even though chia seeds are not the tastiest regarding flavor, they take on a fun and jelly-like consistency if soaked well. Chia seeds are recommended as a weight loss snack due to their satisfying nature. Notably, their calorie content lies below 200.

  1. Hard-boiled Eggs

How often do you dismiss eggs as a weight loss snack? Eggs are wrongly associated with an increased risk of heart disease development due to their high cholesterol content. However, research indicates that hard-boiled eggs do not correlate with cardiovascular complications. Without the risk of developing heart disease, eggs are a friendly and healthy weight loss snack. They are rich in vitamin B12 and K2. Eggs reduce your calorie intake by keeping you full for long which helps you to lose weight. A snack of two hard-boiled eggs has 13 grams of protein and 140 calories, and it is delicious too. Try it for easy weight loss.

  1. Edamame

Prepare this snack by steaming unripe soybeans. It is a common dish amongst vegetarians. Equally, you will enjoy edamame if you have a special liking for the unique texture and flavor of soybeans. Research in animal studies has linked this dish to a significant control of blood sugar and weight loss. Particularly, the high content of the kaempferol antioxidant is responsible for weight loss. Edamame also contains folate alongside a host of minerals like manganese, magnesium, and iron. Use a cup of soybeans to prepare this dish which has around 180 calories and 17 grams of protein.

  1. Cinnamon, Flaxseeds, and Cottage Cheese

Are you wondering why I have chosen to combine these foods? Well, each of these possesses impressive health benefits. This combination, therefore, results in a super-healthy snack. Research suggests that flaxseeds promote blood sugar control and weight loss. On the other hand, cottage cheese has a high protein content. As a result, cottage cheese will keep you satiated. Its conjugated linoleic acid present in its full-fat varieties is essential in body fat reduction. When combined with cinnamon, the mixture not only promotes weight loss but also improves gut health.

  1. Honey, Raspberries, and Greek Yogurt

I cannot think of a snack that is as filling, creamy, and sweet as this indulgent combination. This snack is full of fiber, protein, and healthy fats which are an essential combination when looking to ward off appetite. The American College of Nutrition Journal holds that raspberries are a rich source of vitamin C necessary for the improvement of the body’s ability to burn fat. To prepare this snack, mix a tablespoon of honey, a glass of raspberry, and one serving of Greek yogurt. I bet you will enjoy this delicacy which discourages weight gain.

  1. Cheese and Apple Slices

Apples contain high amounts of weight-loss fiber. An apple with a medium size has about 4 grams of fiber. Such fibers play a vital role in the process of digestion slow-down. As a result, you stay fuller for longer. Satiation results in a reduced intake of calories. Apple pieces are, therefore, a great way of reducing overall intake of calories for subsequent weight loss. Equally, cheese triggers weight loss. Research shows that dietary calcium plays a critical role in body weight regulation if such calcium is obtained from dairy products. Pair pieces of a gala apple and a piece of sharp cheddar cheese measuring half an inch to prepare your snack. You will enjoy the resultant taste with its perfect salty and sweet crunch mix.

In conclusion, you should identify your favorite snacks from the options above, and savor one or two before any main meal. The snacks detailed above are helpful in curbing your hunger and reducing your overall intake of calories. The snacks also provide your body with other healthy nutrients that aid in a more robust immune system. Try these smart choices for easy weight loss.

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