6 Tips You Wish You Knew Before Buying Running Shoes



When it comes to choosing a sport to practice, the simplest and easiest one to start with couldn’t be anything else but running. Though it may sound basic as you prepare your sneakers, get dressed in a sports outfit and drag yourself out for a run, many beginners get injured because of the wrong choice of running shoes.

Being colorful, fashionable or expensive doesn’t mean they can be the right sneakers for you; make sure you pick the right ones to support you along the way while maximizing your potential thanks to this very handy list from Coach Ricky, Ekkarat Phanthip, Thanyapura Triathlon Head Coach.



1. Size Matters

First of all, the sneakers must perfectly fit your feet size and shape. The toe cap and box should not be too small or too narrow and must give you a comfortable feeling.


2. Weight Matters too

Lighter sneakers usually give you a better speed and a more comfortable feeling thus are often used as Training Shoes. However, if you just started and are unsure whether your movement is correct or not, you’d better go for those with thick heels that support the bump of each step.










3. Flexible Sole

The sole of the sneakers, especially for beginners, should always be soft and flexible from the insole while the outsole texture can be hard but flexible in the middle part. Also, the whole forefoot and outer sole should be durable to grip any slippery surface.



4. Midsole

Midsole, especially at the back, works directly to support the heel cords and legs muscles especially for the newbies who wrongly run by placing heels before toes and putting too much weight on running.


5. The Soft Touch

The sneakers texture should not be too tough. While running, the rough material will graze against the feet and creates scratches and wounds. The texture of proper sneakers should be flexible, soft and offer a proper air circulation.


6. Shoe Lace

To lace your sneakers properly, you should make it tight in the middle and leave the overlays relax to avoid the graze and scratches while running.

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