Swedish Ultraman World Champion To Swim Around Phuket Island

Apollo Travel Group in conjunction with Thanyapura Phuket holds the

first Swim Around Phuket for a good cause.

JonasPhuket, Thailand – The island of Phuket is renowned for its beautiful beaches surrounded by warm and clear tropical waters, yet no one has swum completely around the island — until now.

When? March 30th to April 6th – 8 days.

On the 3oth of March 2016, Swedish Ultraman world champion Jonas Colting will undertake the first Swim Around Phuket passing by the island’s famous western beaches, as well as the less-explored eastern coast. If successful, he will be the first athlete to swim the island’s circumference. This swim trek also aims to raise funds for a Thai orphanage school called Yaowawit, which was initially built for tsunami victims.

“If we all swam more in the oceans, we would receive a greater awareness of the importance of good water quality,” the Swede says. “Now I’m ready for the adventure Swim Around Phuket which highlights the importance of clean water with the goal to inspire more people to swim in open water and make the journey into an adventure.”

Colting is no stranger to swimming long distances. Aside from the 10-kilometer long swims that are part of the Ultraman format of long-distance triathlon racing, in 2014 Colting did the charity swim SverigeSimmet, a 640-kilometer swim from Stockholm to Gothenburg.

Colting has partnered with Thanyapura Phuket and Apollo Travel Group to make Swim Around Phuket a reality. He plans to swim Phuket’s 120-kilometer circumference in eight days. Each day he will cover from 10 to 17 kilometers and has extended an open invitation to anyone who wants to join him on one or more of these stages.

Thanyapura Phuket has thrown its full organizational support behind the swim trek, hosting Colting and his team from Apollo Travel Group as they prepare for the swim and work together towards a safe and successful attempt at the feat. Located on the tropical island of Phuket, Thanyapura offers fitness, health and well-being programs set in world-class facilities. The complex was recently awarded the Leading Sports Resort in Asia by the World Travel Awards.

“The plan to swim around the island of Phuket has been something we thought was a remarkable feat and something that only the world’s best endurance athletes could consider doing,” states Thanyapura’s Executive Chairman Chris McCormack, a four-time triathlon world champion himself.

McCormack will be accompanying Colting for certain segments of the swim, and invites members of the community to join in this amazing challenge. He says, “Jonas is an athlete I have known my entire racing career and I am aware of his powerful will and huge endurance engine. He is the perfect athlete to be the first person to ever swim around the island of Phuket and to challenge to any other athlete to take up this feat.”

Apollo Travel Group has grown rapidly since 2009 into the biggest Nordic travel company arranging training camps and fitness trips. Currently, one of the fastest growing trends in the training segment are more adventurous trips combined with the outdoor experience.  After the Nordic craze for running and the rapidly growing interest for Swim-Run, the interest for open water swimming is swiftly increasing.

“At Apollo Sports we have in recent years increased the possibilities to practice swimming at several levels while on vacation. All our family resorts offer swim lessons divided into levels from total beginners (kids) to crawl classes for adults. Apollo Sports organizes several trips where swimming and adventure are the main ingredients and all training trips and camps include sports, exercise, health and environment. Jonas swimming also means that he is for our upcoming swim treks scouting exciting destinations with beautiful environment, clean, nice water and spectacular swims. Jonas Colting´s Swim Around Phuket will be the ultimate adventure.” says Daniel Giray, Sports Director at Apollo Travel Group.


Apollo and Thanyapura offer everyone who wants to participate in any of these stages to join Jonas on his adventure. To join one or more stages, please contact events@thanyapura.com or visit www.thanyapura.com/events.


More about Sverigesimmet http://sverigesimmet.se/

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For more information, please contact:

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Jonas Colting info@colting.se

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