Fitting in Fitness

Do you ever wonder how an earth that mum of three, or that young career driven person working long hours or the full-time uni student juggling four jobs all seem to have more time than you? I am [...]

10 mile Run Taper

The dreaded taper. One of the simplest principles, approached by many in the most complicated fashion. After weeks of hard work leading up to a big race, finding the balance between too much work [...]

Planning Your Destination Race

Living in an endurance sport boom, there’s no shortage of races happening on any weekend just around the corner. But there’s still something alluring about racing away from home. You can’t deny [...]

October Update – Triathlon

Head triathlon coach Sergio Borges is en route to Kona to guide his athletes who have qualified for the Ironman World Championships. He says for those who have trained in Phuket, Kona’s [...]