10 ways to sleep better

Having trouble sleeping? Feel drowsy the whole day and cannot get a quality sleep the whole night? You possibly too busy by the housework after a stressful day at the office that makes your brain [...]

ด่างสิดี.. 6 วิธีสร้างสุขภาพจากการทำร่างกายเป็นด่าง

เคยสงสัยมั้ยว่า อะไรคือ Alkaline Food แล้วเหตุใดร่างกายและเลือดที่มีสุขภาพดีคือต้อง มีค่า pH ระหว่าง 7-7.5 ? ร่างกายคนเราในสภาวะปกตินั้นจะเป็นด่างอ่อนๆ อยู่โดยธรรมชาติ [...]

Strength to Fight

As a Muay Thai fighter, I’m always asked where I find my strength to go through each fight, or what motivates me to deal with a full time work as a nutritionist plus my boxing career. Without [...]

10 mile Run Taper

The dreaded taper. One of the simplest principles, approached by many in the most complicated fashion. After weeks of hard work leading up to a big race, finding the balance between too much work [...]

The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

I started teaching yoga for kids this year and I thought it was going to be fairly easy since I already teach adults yoga. How much harder could it be right? Well, I was in for a shock, as it was [...]