Tennis for beginners – An intro to the sport

tennisThe ball’s in your court.” How often do you hear that saying? Did you know that it comes from tennis?

“It’s match point!” – many people would say when it comes down to a final decision of a negotiation or “I aced that test!” when you successfully completed and passed a test with flying colours.

Yes, tennis is a part of most people’s life, with or without realizing it. Tennis for beginners is also a sport for everyone. You can start at a very early age, perhaps from 3 years old, but it can also be picked up at an older age. A big advantage of tennis is that you only need 2 persons, (so, no, you won’t need to have that many friends), 2 rackets, and a few tennis balls (depending on how often you will need to stop the game to pick up those balls) and a court to get started. Tennis shoes are highly recommended but not extremely obligatory for tennis for beginners.

In general, it is more beneficial to start tennis, for beginners, when you are very young as it takes a lot of practice and time to learn the right techniques and fundamental elements of the game.

Depending on each person’s personal skill, work attitude and passion, it might take some time to actually hit the ball over the net back and forth.

Quality Tennis Coaching – tennis for beginners

Most successful tennis players have good coaches. It is essential to choose quality coaching as tennis is a very technical sport. The right combinations of movements are not just essential for the quality of the game, but these keys are also needed in order to avoid any accidents or mishaps, health-related or otherwise.

As such, skilled, experienced and knowledgeable tennis coaches are important in order for you to be equipped with the best skills and fundamental techniques of tennis. Furthermore, a good tennis coach can also give you an insight of a tennis game, coach you not only the elements of tennis textbook based but also teach you how to “think” like a tennis player – that’s one of the most valuable lessons anyone can learn from a tennis lesson.

To see fast progress and to keep the fun aspect of tennis, a combination of PT sessions and group classes lead to the best outcome both for children and adults for tennis for beginners. Also, it is important for a coach to set up the right program for each individual player as everyone has a different approach and requires different teaching methods. Some players would just like to have a pure leisure and fun approach to tennis while some are very serious about becoming a better and advanced player, and some are a mixture of both. The right tennis program, tennis for beginners, should include good introduction of tennis, warm-ups, footwork training, efficient techniques training, point situations, coaching on specific skills, detailed and professional consulting and of course a friendly, accessible and approachable personality of a coach.

Specific Developed Programs – Tennis for beginners

Our well-experienced coaches from PIA Tennis Team powered by Spin and Slice always encourage the parents to let their kids start getting lessons from early ages. We offer a wide range of specific developed group classes, tennis for beginners or PT sessions to choose from. For the very young children, Spin and Slice Tennis Team provides special kids rackets as well as lighter and softer tennis balls (Stage 3-2-1). There are also many other fun kids equipment and activities provided so that the kids will have fun on the court and at the same time learning essential tennis skills they need to acquire in order for them to move up to Junior tennis.

Even though it is ideal to start tennis at a very young age, many passionate tennis players start to play tennis when they are already adults. Many people find that work can be too stressful and they need a sport to help them relax or basically just get in shape. In our Adult Beginner class which takes place every Tuesday, two coaches focus on teaching the right techniques and hand-eye coordination, footwork training, and movement training. Adults will enjoy activities we provide for them as well as a session of fun-filled and quality tennis. Our Adult Beginner class is popular as it is also a good way to socialize and get to know other like-minded people who enjoy tennis or playing sports in general. Many new friendships are created and strengthened on our courts.

So, the ball’s in your court! Essentially, at the end of the day, it is you to decide whether tennis for beginners is a sport for you. If it is, just put on your tennis shoes, grab a racket and we will see you on the court! If you are still not sure, stop by our courts and have a chat with our coaches to learn more about our programs and your expectations or about tennis in general.

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