Tennis Performance and Injury Recovery with Chiropractic Treatment

High-level tennis is one of the most challenging individual sports. The physical and mental aspects of the game can push the athlete to the limits of their abilities. Everyone who has ever played the game with intensity knows how physically demanding it can be.

Just watch Rafael Nadal play a match: the demands of strength, flexibility, reaction time, hand/eye/foot coordination, acceleration – and all this with proper hitting technique – require a body to be in the best condition possible to realize its full potential.

Chiropractic treatment can improve physical performance through identifying and correcting hidden muscle weaknesses. These weaknesses alter biomechanics, reduce efficiency, increase joint and disc loading, which then lead to micro-trauma that can cause inflammation and discomfort, repetitive motion injury and degeneration.

Chiropractic treatment at Thanyapura Health can reduce the pain of injuries, speed recovery, promote full healing and increase performance.


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