Thanyapura High Performance Team Delivers Wins

This past weekend the Thanyapura High Performance Triathlon Team started their 2016 season with a great impact with five podium positions in Asian events, including two wins.

Thailand Tri League Bangsean

Andrew Pearson - Saryu Onishi - Sam Oshea - Bangsean SprintThe majority of the Thanyapura High Performance Triathlon Team competed at the Thailand Tri League event in Bangsean, our three male athletes competing in the Sprint event cleaned up the competition with the top three positions, and Ebba Amby taking third overall. A good showing by Thanyapura athletes.

Thanyapura’s Sam O’Shea managed to dominate the bike leg of the event to take the win, followed by Saryu Onishi in second, and just behind Andrew Pearson. It was a close race by the three Thanyapura athletes, and they show the hard training and work over the past month paid off by not only taking the top three spots in their age category of 15-29years, but also taking the overall top three podium spots.

Ebba Amby, proved over the weekend that she has the talent and ability to be one of Thailand’s top Olympic hopefuls as she was just edged out into second place in her age category and third overall in what was her very first sprint distance Triathlon. Ebba is a new comer to Triathlon and has progressed dramatically under the High Performance Triathlon program since starting training 3 months ago and her result over the weekend was a great stepping stone to her development in the sport.

Thailand Tri League Bangsean – Results

Men’s 15-29yrs Sprint

Swim                Bike                  Run                  Total

1st                    Sam O Shea                               00:10:19          00:35:15          00:25:24          01:15:20.1

2nd                  Saryu Onishi                              00:10:19          00:38:28          00:25:28          01:18:08.1

3rd                    Andrew Pearson                                                00:10:04          00:37:47          00:26:46          01:18:43.2

Women’s 15-29yrs Sprint

Swim                Bike                  Run                  Total

1st                    Paparwee Assavadakorn                                      00:15:51          00:42:29          00:37:08          01:41:29.2

2nd                   Ebba Amby                                                        00:17:06          00:41:46          00:37:17          01:42:34.6

3rd                    Suthawan Luangdamrongchai                              00:24:25          00:44:24          00:38:46          01:55:44.5


Russell Liew Singapore AquathonMetaman Aquathon Singapore

Three of Thanyapura’s athletes were competing at the Metaman Aquathon in Singapore.

Russell Liew took out the win in his 13-15yrs super sprint age category with a fine start to finish performance, while Max Luer and Louis Stauffer took sixth and thirteenth respectively in the 16-19yrs sprint age category, which is their first years in the age group and a great learning curve for both Thanyapura athletes as they progress into competing against older competition.

Metaman Aquathon Singapore – Results

Boy’s 13-15yrs Super Sprint

Swim                Run                  Total

1st                    Russell Liew                             00:03:36.15     00:09:42.11     00:14:04.60

2nd                   Matthew David Trott                   00:03:55.71     00:09:36.97     00:14:29.86

3rd                    Oliver Rios Trott                         00:04:22.59     00:09:11.03     00:14:31.03

Boy’s 16-19yrs Sprint

Swim                Run                  Total

6th                   Max Luer                                   00:10:29.20     00:20:10.65     00:31:36.47

13th                 Louis Stauffer                            00:14:55.11     00:23:06.48     00:39:04.85


Australian National Championships

Zavier Gates makes his first appearance at his National Championships.

Zavier Gates took his first test on his way to making his National Team by competing in his Australian National Championships, Zavier finished 10th in a very competitive 13-15yr age category, and although he has some mechanical problems with his equipment, he raced strongly and placed well against older and more experience young athletes. This was a good stepping stone and improves on his hard training, and racing against the best athletes from his country will only give him more experience for upcoming competition in future months.

Australian Championships – Results

Boy’s 13-15yrs Sprint

                                                                        Swim               Bike                 Run                  Total

10th                 Zavier Gates                           5:59                 29:30               16:40               52:11


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