Thanyapura Swimmers Clean Up at The Thai Nationals …

The 43th Thailand National Youth Games at Nakhon Ratchasima. Thanyapura with only 3 athletes were on fire and delivered big! We’re all so proud of you guys #roadtorio2016

From left

  1. Yuttakarn Matarach, Thanyapura Assistant Swim Coach
  1. Peerapat ‘Garfield’ Loessathapornsuk
  • Silver, 400m freestyle
  • Silver, 1500m freestyle


  1. Tanakrit ‘Nok‘ Kittiya
  • Silver, 4x200m freestyle relay
  • Gold, 400m freestyle
  • Silver, 200m Butterfly
  • Gold, 1500m freestyle / Break record 15:53:87


  1. Kornkarnjana ‘Golf’ Sapianchai
  • Silver, 50m Butterfly
  • Silver, 200m freestyle
  • Silver, 4x200m relay freestyle
  • Silver, 4x100m relay freestyle
  • Bronz, 50m freestyle
  • Silver, 4x100m relay Medley


  1. Miguel Lopez, Thanyapura Head Swim Coach


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