Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat…Living Like a Pro at Thanyapura: When a cyclist comes to train

As I said in my last blog, whether you’re a swimmer, a biker, a runner or a triathlete Thanyapura can cater for your training needs. This week I want to give you some info on the amazing cycling facilities available to us at Thanyapura and some cycling tips so you know what to expect.

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There are heaps of cycling options available. You can train like your trying to win the Tour de France, smash out a sub 5-hour 180km ironman time trail or even just work on speed, strength, endurance.

These sessions are all designed to make you fitter, faster and stronger and are all done with a whopping big smile on your face as you take in some of theeeeeeee most spectacular scenery in the world!

Check this video out….Nick tells you (and shows) you all you need to know about the weekly 7:30am  Tuesday bike ride. This is for beginners (40-50km) and experienced (100-120km) riders.

Everyone is looked after, fast or slow it doesn’t matter. You just get to enjoy the smoothest of roads, stunning views and 27-35 degrees centigrade temperatures, oh and the odd pro athlete may join you for the ride too, pretty cool!

This is not the only chance to hop on your bike during the week. There is also and easy-peasy spin on Thursday and on Saturday it’s time to whip out the aero helmet and carbon wheels as there are slick as time trial efforts to be done!

Oh, and on Sundays’ you can go long, real long, up to 150km to be exact! If that still isn’t enough you can smash yourself in one of the many spin classes available throughout the week…bring a towel and a lot of water!!!!

And finally, to really make you feel like a pro Tom Topham, the resident sports scientist can make you and hurt a lot by putting you through your paces to establish the finer training details such as lactate profile testing, functional threshold power testing and video analysis.

These are nasty tests to do but totally invaluable when it comes to gaining that extra 1 or 10% that can make the difference between podium and that dreaded 4th place! Don’t worry though after you have lost a liter of sweat and potentially some of your sole you can cool off in the ice baths then rehydrate at the Booster bar, phew! All bases covered then!

There are more pros then there are cons (if any) when it comes to riding in Phuket….

The pros:

1) The weather, 90% of the time it is hot and sunny (27 to 35 degrees) with barely any wind!

2) The view, put simply, stunning! Blue sky, sea, sand, islands, native bush, what more could you ask for!

3) The roads are pristinely smooth! 40kmph is effortless at times, especially if you sit behind ex pro cyclist and now direct of cycling at Tanyapura, Nick Gates’ wheel!

4) The traffic. Yup, you read it right. For all Phuket has some CRAZY drivers the people of Phuket will actively go out of there way to avoid you! Unlike in the Western world where if someone leaves a paint scratch on your elbow it’s actually considered a considerate amount of space the people of Phuket will leave enough room for another car to get between you and them.

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They will patiently sit behind you and wait for you to grovel up to the top of the hill rather than manically over take you on a blind bend and some will even toot (politely) to let you know they are coming! It’s amazing!!

The cons:

1) The weather in Phuket is 90% awesome, 10% monsoon-like rain! Do not ride in monsoon rain!

A) you get very, very wet (it’s still roasting though)

b) the roads turn to ice rinks and unless you have either the bike handling skills of Chris Froome or death grip like tires on your bike then I hate to say it but your bum is gonna end up on the ground! The good news is it doesn’t rain for long and it dries up very quickly!

2) Taxi? Soooooo, if you are having a bad day at the office and your tire blows and your CO2 canister epically fails or you run outta juice and are too smashed to ride home then your kinda limited for options to get back! There are not many taxis on these roads! So make sure you take a phone, a spare for your spares and let people know where you are going and how long you think you will be. Safety first and like a good Scout always be prepared!

Speaking of letting people know where you are going. Thanks to the tech Gods at Thanyapura you can now download a GPS of all of the designated routes. You can download these on to yours and your partner’s smartphones so you know where you are going and they know too! Genius!


You could time your cycling trip to Thanyapura perfectly and finish off a week to 10 day stay at this incredible resort with a race! The Phuket Cycling Race is Thayapura’s premier road race of the year.  The Phuket Cycling Race is an exciting, competitive race that anyone can join in with. There are two distances for cyclists to participate in. The 40km race is a fun challenge for families, while the 90km distance will really test your endurance.Get involved in this race and see some of Thailand’s prettiest spots on the way!

So there you have it, scenery, sunchine, smooth roads and oh yeah, your doing it all in Thailand! Can’t beat that!

Em J

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