Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat…Living Like a Pro at Thanyapura: When a swimmer comes to train

Whether you’re a swimmer, a biker, a runner or doing some triathlon training, Thanyapura can cater for your training needs.

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Not only is the accommodation and food amazing but the facilities are pretty blooming cool too!

This week I want to give you some info on the amazing swim facilities available to us at Thanyapura.

Thanyapura has not one, not two but 3 open-air Pools! There is one gigantic 50m pool, complete with flash grand stand and starting blocks, it’s pretty deep too! There is also a 25m pool beside the 50m pool and another 25m pool with in the accomodation complex. Although you can swim in this pool, there are no lane ropes and it has a built in bar where you can sip coconut water through a straw while emerssed in the cool waters so it’s more a chill out rather than a thrash it out pool!


The pools are open throughout the day and you are welcome to borrow a range of equipment including Pull Buoys, Hand Boards and Padels. It’s not just for adults though, kiddies can jump in for either a skills lesson or a splash in the hotel pool.

Both individual guests and groups can benefit from the great coaching expertise available at Thanyapura whether they are learning to swim or doing triathlon training. There are a lot of awesome swimmers and coaches at Thanyapura  but the 2 main coaches on site are…….

Miguel Lopez Alvarado – Head Coach

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Head Coach Miguel Lopez Alvarado, from the Spanish Canary Islands, has more than 20 years experience as a swimming coach at the elite level as he’s steered able-bodied and disabled swimmers to great heights.

His former students include three-time triathlon world champion and Olympic silver medalist Javier Gomez, arguably the best swimmer in triathlon history.

He also coached three swimmers to Paralympic success: Pablo Cimadevila Alvarez, Sebastian Rodriguez and Pablo Saavedra Reinaldo all broke world records while training with him. More recently he coached London Olympics semi-finalist Beatriz Gomez Cortez.

Marianne Jongsma – Age Group Swim Coach/Aquatics Coordinator

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With an extensive swim teaching and coaching background in the Netherlands, Marianne inspires with her fun and dynamic coaching style. Her attention to detail and focus on technique has been developed through KNZB swimming trainer level A and B coaching accreditation’s and degree in Sport Management and Entrepreneurship. Marianne previously worked on the 2013 EYOF (European Youth Olympic Foundation) Organization Committee.

If you have never learned how to swim breaststroke, front crawl or butterfly, your swimming instructor can teach you the technique and give you tips to improve as you train.

The instructors also have various methods for coaching more advanced swimmers, pinpointing problem areas, and giving advice on how to correct their style. This includes fancy underwater videoing which can then be analysed in the sports lab with you later that day!

If you don’t fancy one on one coaching but just wanna jump into a session and smash out a few km’s then there are masters swim session avalaible daily. Believe me they are flipping hard work but jeeze you feel like you have achieved something when you hop out at the end!

For those who come for triathlon training, Thanyapura also offers open water swimming sessions. These are based at Laguna Phuket the home of the Laguna Phuket traithlon festival and only a 10minute drive away.

The water is so warm, so clean and so clear that  unless you want to become a boil in the bag human, a wetsuit is 100% not required!

It’s pretty easy swimming too, ok there are a couple of semi big breakers to dive through or float over the top of but once your over them it is easy peasy. There are no nasty rips either so it is very safe!

On a sidenote and what I really enjoyed about swimming at Thanyapura was the either swimming into the sunset and watching the fading light dance over the pool and hearing the jungle noises come to life or swimming in the dark (it gets dark about 6:30pm) with the comapany of just the pool spot lights, it was just beautiful and awesome! Waaaaayyyy better than just following a black line in the pool!


As you can imagine with such awesome coaches and amazing fasciltites the pools get very well used therefore it is worth checking out the timetable put up daily  on the notice board before you grab your swim wear or even book in advance to ensure lane space.

An example of the extensive swimming program calendar can be found here.

These timetables change regularly and because Thanyapura’s facilities are sooooooooo good sometimes Olympic swim teams from around the world come to play. These crazy guys and girls swim 2-3 x a day! Ouch! So sometimes pool times can be restricted especially early morning or late evening. Even if you can’t get into the pool it is worth just sitting in the grand stand and watching the pros effortlessly punch out lap after lap in times I could only dream of!

So there you have it. Come and eat, sleep and swim like a pro at Thanyapura! It will be the best thing you do if you wanna get stronger, swim faster and generally have a pretty awesome time!

Happy training!

Em J

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