When you think of golf you don’t often associate strength training with it. Ever since Tiger Woods broke onto the PGA tour, more and more golfers are now starting to incorporate strength training as part of their overall training programs. And while many people associate strength training with increased distance off the tee, strength training is primarily used for injury prevention and improved efficiency of one’s golf swing. An efficient golf swing, or any athletic movement for that matter, requires some degree of stability, power, balance, and coordination, all of which strength training will provide a foundation for! You will not be able to generate more power and club head speed without first improving your stability, balance, and coordination.

So what type of exercises should you do to help improve your golf swing? Most people would agree that the core is the most important area to focus on when it comes to training for golf but strength in your legs, hips, back, shoulders, and arms, which make up the links that connect your kinetic chain, provides a stable base of support for each succeeding link to work off. This allows the forces you generate throughout the golf swing to be transferred through each link to the club head and golf ball in a more efficient and coordinated manner. Don’t get me wrong, your core (the trunk of your body, lower back, hips, etc.) is certainly a vital part of an efficient golf swing as it controls the movements of your extremities, but all other areas of the body play a key role in a more efficient golf swing as well and should not be neglected. The more efficient your golf swing becomes, the more power you are able to generate with less effort required, which is something all of us strive to achieve!


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