Visa information for Thanyapura long-stay athletes

You just want to get going, head to Phuket and starting training at Thanyapura already. We don’t blame you either; it’s no secret our oasis of health, fitness and well-being is second to none in South-East Asia.

Before you can sing ‘I’m leaving on a jet plane’ however, there’s still some things that must be finalized. If ‘getting your visa’ hasn’t been ticked off the checklist yet, it’s a good idea to keep reading.

Before we get started on the visa topic, it’s likely you have heard a few things about the current political situation in Thailand. It’s natural for the country’s political instability to make you more cautious but it’s good to know that since 1932 there’s been about 12 military coups.

The last one in 2006 was mainly to reform the country to give power back to the people. Coups mean different things in different countries. Some are violent and some are peaceful.  Even with the protests, the main goal for Thai people is to always maintain peace.  You can see it hasn’t had an effect on the country’s progress either. After 2006, the annual GDP growth has given Thailand 26th place out of the 189 countries for ‘ease of doing business’ by The World Bank.

Despite Thailand’s unstable history, Phuket is very sheltered from the political fluctuations and their impacts. Due to its heavy tourism industry and business-centered focus, you should always feel safe generally speaking. There is very little theft in Thailand and especially due to the large majority of the population being Buddhist and theft is heavily frowned upon. They are also very patient and calm which make for a nice change when out cycling as you actually get allot of respect.

Visa in Thailand

Now let’s crack on with the visa information so you can get over to us as soon as possible because we’re dying to meet you! Here’s some Q&A’s for athletes looking to train with us for longer than a month.

‘What visa will I need to apply for?’

You will need to get a tourist visa at your local Royal Thai Embassy before arriving.

‘When should I process my visa application?’

In general, it is recommended to apply for your visa 2-4 weeks before your arrival to Thailand.

‘How long will I be allowed to stay for?’ 

When you apply for the tourist visa at a Thai Embassy, depending on your nationality you will get a 30 or 60 day visa (Commonly the 60 day visa is issued). You can then get an extension at the Phuket Immigration office allowing you to stay another 30 days. So overall, you can stay for a total of 90 days – perfect for you to get into the flow of a decent training regime with us!

If training and racing with us around Asia you will want to request for at TR-Multiple Entry visa if possible so you can travel outside of Thailand and after your 90 days and come in and out of Thailand on that Visa, also makes it easier to apply for an extension.

When applying for a multiple entry it helps allot to have a letter from us that you’ll be needing this as a professional athlete and ambassador representing us in the different countries you’re travelling to for your sport. They just want to see that it’s not something dodgie. If you need a letter please email for help.

‘How much will it cost?’

The cost is 1,900 THB (approx $52) for the 30 day tourist visa. To get an extension on your tourist visa it will also cost 1,900 THB. If upon entering Thailand you received a 30 day stamp (known as a visa exemption),  you can only get an extension for another 7 days and the cost to extend is the same as if you have a tourist visa. 

‘What will I need when making the application?’

This depends on the Thai Embassy’s requirement. Some embassies require proof of a round-trip flight ticket, others require a bank statement. That’s why before extending, you should contact your chosen embassy or visit their website for more information.

‘What’s the best place to check for up-to-date changes on visa rules?’

We advise you to check the Thai Embassy website for updates on any changes regarding visa rules.

So now your visa is getting sorted, its time to sort out the accommodation. Still looking for affordable places for long-term stay near Thanyapura? This article pinpoints some nearby condos and hotel options.

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