Weight Loss Challenge Diary: Week 1 of 8 – Maciek (32 years)

Before MTK

By Maciek Klimowicz

Moving to Phuket has taken its toll on my weight and health. Almost 10 kg is what I gained since I moved to the island a bit over a year ago. How come?

There are a number of reasons for this mishap:

The love of Thai food

It doesn’t take a nutritionist to figure out that stuffing yourself with heaps of rice isn’t exactly a sustainable diet. But it’s not just rice. The ever-present pork, the greasy curries, the deliciously fatty coconut milk, the uber-sweet Thai tea… and I do love Thai food. Who doesn’t?

The island of temptations

Phuket isn’t just about Thai food but about food in general. There are literally hundreds of quality restaurants around. And boy, are the restaurant owners eager to please. In the last 12 months I must have gulped on more Foie Gras, t-bone steaks and crème brulee than in my entire life before the move to Phuket.

No time to move

Phuket is a great place for outdoor activities. Cycling, trekking, surfing, tuk tuk chasing… the list continues. Tourists can spend whole days outside, indulging in their favorite sports. Hard working expats – not so much. With the sun setting at around 6:30 pm every day, there is little time left to go outside and move.

And so here I am, 15 months later, 10 kg heavier. As of today I weight 93 kg.

I’m by no means fat. That is mostly thanks to my above average height of 196 cm. The kilograms spread evenly. But even if none of my friends noticed that I significantly put on weight, I did.

I felt: heavy, lazy, constantly tired, at times even depressed.

And frustrated. I wanted do something about it, make a change, but lacked determination to do it. Some things you cannot do on your own.

Help came from Thanyapura’s Total Body Transformation Program: 8 weeks of exercise and diet under the guidance of the sport centers fitness and nutrition pros. I decided to commit.

For the next eight weeks I will be:

  • Exercising at Thanyapura 3 times a week under the guidance of professional coach.
  • Avoiding some products such as sweets, soda, bread, cheese… just looking at that list makes me sad. But I will prevail!
  • Exercising at home, according to the guidelines provided by Thanyapura coaches.

I know it’s not going to be easy, there will be pain and sweat, (I’m not expecting any tears) but I’m willing to take the plunge.

You can cheer my efforts thanks to this blog where I will be regularly reporting on my progress, stumbles, falls and successes.

Eight weeks from now there will hopefully be one fat farang less in Phuket.



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