Weight Loss Challenge Diary: Week 3 of 8 – Patrick

Week 3 already?

Been a crazy week for different reasons… 1. The program really kicks in. I’ll tell you why, keep reading :-) 2. I’m on vacation.

Seems pretty simple to deal with as vacation is always a good period of my working life! In general, I like to travel on my time off around South-East Asia as there’s so much to see around here. Even after two years living in Phuket, I still find new things around the island.. wicked!!

But vacation are time of lust and pleasures, feels a bit different this year as I’m not moving out of Phuket as I really try to concentrate on the program and especially maintaining a good diet.
Easier said than done I’ve said in the beginning of week one. It’s so true…

Good places to eat:

Thailand is world renowned for hits great food. But eating healthy could be a challenge if you don’t have a kitchen at home. I do have one but I’m not always cooking. So there are a few options out there as for restaurant serving healthy food. Such a pleasure right now discovering new places and new areas. I thought it would be difficult but no, eating healthy even during vacation feels good.

And this is what it’s all about. The program is not only for 8 weeks but for life. Changing your habits can be fun and feels good as well.

The way I feel:

Nothing much to say except, I feel great. I feel better than ever. Being in the 40’s brings a lot of little problems, I mean you have to care a bit more about what you eat and what you do. Usually!!
I thought that was the way it is and feeling the way I was feeling was something normal. Jesus I was wrong! I feel way better mainly because of the exercise and the diet. And it is improving every day…


It is getting more intense every week, every day! Last Friday was a tough one for me. I was really out of breath. The session we had was so intense. A some point I though I was about to pass out. But I survived!! Ha-ha!!. And they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Right! Even at that point I was still smiling! :-)

Can’t wait for week 4 to start!

Cheers, please leave your comments…


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