Weight Loss Challenge Diary: Week 4 of 8 – Patrick

Half way!!

Yep, half way already! I don’t know why but the past 4 weeks have gone so fast it’s insane!! But here I am at mid term already.

Time to make a recap I think. 4 weeks ago I was miserable. Lets say things like they are really. I had no energy, feeling like crap inside, out of breath for nothing. FML!

Like I said in the past few weeks, the main thing here is I feel way better, and it continues to improve every day. The mood is better, I get less and less angry or upset for little things, I am more patient, especially at school! ha ha! It’s a good thing. :-) My cardio is getting better, all positive things right?

Also, I can see my body changing, literally. Pictures are there to prove it!. It feels so good to see that actually my efforts are paying off! I’m still far from where I want to be. But it’s just a matter of time. I’m not getting discouraged easily. I’m pretty tough!! :-)

Here’s the deal: I have lost about 4 kilos now. My fat mass is going way down while my muscle mass is going up! Great thing.


Here is what a basic day looks like diet wise. In the morning, I will have 3 eggs and about 2 cups of steamed vegetables. Great start of my day.

For lunch I will have a salad, depends on my mood but usually I have grilled veggies salad with pork, chicken or beef. I sometimes have a fruit juice or a sugarless smoothie …

I will have about half cup of nuts in the afternoon as a snack.

For dinner, I really try to change my menu, I will have a chicken, pork, beef or fish steak, with a salad or grilled veggies and brown rice.

To be honest, I don’t feel hungry between meals. and I know that my carbs, protein and fat intake are under control. It’s not that difficult to eat healthy and to have tasty food. be creative!!


Thanks to my partners who I train with, such good group of people. It’s fun to have such a great support. We are good at encouraging one another. Keep it up people!! ;-)

I expect the next few weeks to get harder and harder. But you know what, I am anxious to start week 5, I feel like I need more so I’ll probably going to join a local gym in Chalong. I also started to do 15 minutes of exercises before breakfast, about 15 minutes after I woke up. I’ll let you guys know how that goes.. Not easy.. Jesus!!



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