Weight Loss Challenge Diary: Week 5 of 8 – Patrick

More and more!!

Like any things that I like, I want more,. I always been like that. I don’t really know how to stop! Maybe It’s a lack of will or I’m just a person that enjoys life so much that I want to enjoy every second and everything of it. Hum, I choose option number two.

It is the same right now. And I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking the way I think. Exercising leads to more exercise. I think I have reached this point now.

Last week was week no. 5. Great week but I’ve missed one session with my group. I was in Krabi for a visit. But it didn’t stop me to try to do exercise and to eat healthy. Me and my friend went to Tiger Temple (Wat Tam Sua) and we wanted to do the trip up the 1,260 steps to the top of the mountain where there’s a magnificent temple and the view there is so nice, great scenery.

It was the second time climbing up these stairs. Last time was 2 years ago. Done it with another friend from Paris. I remember it was pretty difficult. Out of breath, fatigue.. the thing is you have to come back down after.. that is not an easy part.

Well, this time, it was sill an effort but it was very enjoyable. Except for the fact that we have been attack by aggressive monkeys on our way up!! :-) No injuries, just a little scary!! Ha ha!

Week 6 on approach!

Our coach Chris asked us to step up a bit and do extra work besides the session we are having at Thanyapura. I didn’t wait for his call as I already started doing exercise at home, in the morning before breakfast. Man! this is hard but when you get the tempo, your body is actually asking for it.

I never felt this before but after the little training, i am awake! like really ready for the day. It’s been magical. I seriously suggest everyone to at least try it for a week. It’s addictive! I’m proud of myself, Well done!.I also had my first Muay Thai training this week. Its was awesome. Looking forward for more!

More importantly, our training at Thanyapura are getting harder and harder. I still have a great pleasure doing it with my group and the trainers. Its now something that I need to do every week. I want to do it, I want to get better…Week 6 I am ready for you!! :-)



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