What is the best way to lose body fat?

best way to lose body fatThe most common question our personal trainers get is how can I lose fat, or what is the best way to lose body fat – most of the time, the people who ask will want to do this in a short period of time.

Some people take on drastic diets, or extreme exercise routines to try budge the fat but often fail due to the difficult of changing their lifestyle so much. First of all, you should understand that losing body fat does not happen overnight.

It takes commitment, time and physical and mental strength. There are no quick fixes but we have some advice to help get you started.

Thanyapura’s Personal Trainer Adam Smith has given some top exercise and nutrition tips for people wanting to get fit, healthy, and the best way to lose body fat. Here are his six recommendations for the best way to lose body fat.

Professional tips on the best way to lose body fat

1. Eat more and eat regularly 

One of the best way to lose body fat is to eat more. After all those years of being told to cut calories and restrict your eating, we are now telling you to eat more. It is hard to believe, right? But the fact of the matter is that having six regular meals throughout the day can actually help to keep your metabolism in check. Not only does this help you burn calories and energy, it also helps to improve energy levels, lower cholesterol and preserve lean muscle mass.
A study published by The British Medical Journal found that people who ate six meals a day had around a five per cent lower cholesterol than people who ate only one or two larger meals during the day. It also helps keep cravings at bay but you must realise that you cannot eat unhealthy sweets, or high sugar treats as one of these six meals.
Think about it this way – if you eat regularly throughout the day, you are less likely to binge at night because your nutritional demands have been met.

2. Focus on building strong and lean muscle, rather than losing body fat

When working on losing body fat, you must focus on building strong and lean muscle. Take your mind away from obsessing over losing the fat; instead, work on being healthy through good nutrition and exercise.
To build strong and lean muscle, you need to exercise. The most effective exercises for getting these muscle gains are strength-training exercises, such as weight training using the weight machines and free weights.
However, the most important thing to remember is that a beach body is made from 80 per cent nutrition and 20 per cent exercise. So, you must have a nutritious diet full of protein-rich foods, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats like nuts and avocados. Cut the junk food and processed quick meals that you can buy from the supermarket. They have nearly no nutritional value and are usually filled with hidden sugars.
So it is simple – lift weights (heavy ones with less repetitions) and maintain a healthy diet – one of the best way to lose body fat.

3. Do cardio and resistance (weight) training

Incorporate cardio and weight training into your exercise plan to help to lose body fat fast. You don’t have to spend hours on the treadmill to lose body fat, you can just join a high intensity class like spinning or XFit.
These classes are fun but provide you with a good workout that will be the best way to lose body fat. Mix it up so that you do not get bored and you enjoy finding out the best way to lose body fat.

4.  Find out what works for you

In terms of nutrition and exercise, you must find out what works for you. Your friend may have lost 10kg on the Atkin’s Diet but that doesn’t mean that you will too. Our bodies and genetics are all very different. Research and try out different things.
One thing I would suggest is to find out your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and add 500 calories (to account for exercise). BMR is the amount of energy you expend while at rest during the day. This decreases with age and with the loss of lean body mass but it can also increase when you build muscle mass.
5. Work out at least four times a week
Make sure you work out at least four times a week. This is the absolute minimum time when you want to lose weight and body fat. Remember, it isn’t the length of the workout but rather the intensity. Let your body adapt to the change over time and increase your workout sessions slowly and safely.
Trainer Adam said recently his hardest workout was only FIVE minutes.
The time you spend inside the gym is not crucial. It is what you do outside the gym that makes a difference. Your body changes when you eat, sleep and relax. This is when you give it time to repair itself from the work you do inside the gym.

6. Do exercises you enjoy

There is no point doing exercise you hate because your journey to fitness with plateau at some point. You need to find something you love doing and something that makes you excited. For some it may be jumping on a bike and pedalling up the Naithon Hills; while, for others it might be lifting weights and doing circuit training at our XFit classes.
Find out what your passion is an develop that passion – this is the best way to lose body fat.
Lastly, speak to our Trainers and Nutritionist for more advice on individual workout and nutrition plans. We are here to help you with your weight loss journey and find the best way to lose body fat.
Also remember to be patient – bodybuilders didn’t develop their physique overnight, and Rome was not built in a day. It takes four weeks for you to start noticing a change, it takes eight weeks for friends and family to notice and it takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world to see the difference. Keep going!
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BochakornBOCHAKORN BOONSERM (MAAM) began her education in conventional medicine as a nurse, then shifted to embrace natural healing and integrative medicines. Her training and certifications abroad include: Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicines, Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

During her therapeutic sessions, she may also incorporate other aspects of integrative medicines when required, including: acupuncture, cupping therapy, moxibustion, nutritional, supplements and herbal recommendation.

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