When do you need to Detoxify?

The modern world leaves us constantly exposed to toxins – in the foods we eat, cosmetics we use, and even the environment we live in. A natural detoxification is a perfect way to combat the negative effects of this build-up of toxins and even show you the path to improved health and wellness.

Your body shows you when it’s time to detoxify through a number of physical symptoms. If you experience the following, it might be time to consider helping your body get rid of these accumulated toxins.

When do you need to Detoxify?Digestive issues

Chronic fatigue

Weight gain, or difficulty losing weight

Aches and pains for no apparent reason

Insomnia or difficulty sleeping



Chronic illness

Even if you don’t notice any of these symptoms, supporting your body through the natural detoxification process will help you gain more energy, clearer skin, maintain a healthy weight, and enjoy a feeling of overall rejuvenation.

There are tonnes of things you can do to encourage your body as it purges these harmful toxins – and most of them are just small changes that are easy to make and maintain. There’s no need to suffer through an unpleasant juice fast when you can just follow these tips.

Drink more water.

Your liver needs water to help flush toxins through your system – and eliminate them. Dehydration can cause you to get backed up, and not only will that prevent your body from purging these toxins, it can actually allow them to be re-absorbed back into your system. That means all your body’s effort to detoxify has been for nothing, so make sure you’re drinking enough to keep things moving.

Try having a glass of water before every meal, and carry a bottle of water with you all day long. You can also enjoy herbal teas and soups to keep your hydration up.

Take a steam shower.

Get your blood moving and your heart beating with a steam shower, dip in a hot tub, or a session in the sauna. You’ll benefit from improved toxin release from your tissues into your bloodstream, and then to your liver – where your body will be able to process and release them from your system.

Also, the heat in the steam or sauna will help you work up a sweat, which will also help your body purge additional toxins through your skin – giving you the chance to double down on your detoxification efforts.

When do you need to Detoxify?Get some exercise.

Exercise is another great way to sweat out your toxins and boost your metabolism along the way. Moving your body helps stimulate your blood and lymphatic system, encouraging them to get cleanse and purify your blood efficiently and effectively.

It also gets your digestive system back on track, and the deep breathing from a hard workout is a valuable way to increase the strength of your lungs and heart.

Get your diet under control.

Eating clean is one of the best ways to enhance the detoxification process – and it’s something you could even maintain after your detox is over to keep up some of the great benefits. The sugars, refined carbohydrates, and saturated fats in processed foods fill your body with a host of harmful toxins, and by eliminating these from your diet, you’ll notice improved health almost immediately.

Focus on eating lean, high-quality proteins with each meal and snack, including garlic, onions, and herbs in your cooking, and eating plenty of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and kale.

Limit your alcohol intake.

While your liver is certainly more than capable of handling a few drinks, if it’s busy detoxing from your drinks last night, it’s not processing other toxins from your food or from the environment. Stick to one drink a day for women or two a day for men, with a weekly maximum of ten to fifteen.

If you enjoy the occasional glass of red wine, there’s nothing wrong with that – in fact, you’ll be getting some valuable antioxidants. But it’s important to drink in moderation to give your body the opportunity to keep toxins from building up and becoming an issue. Drink slowly and savour every sip to make the most of it.



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