Where does the fat go? Clearing the path to weight loss

Where does the fat go? Clearing the path to weight loss


Do you know where your fat goes after you have burned it up in the gym? The answer may surprise you. This is key to understand as the weight management process relies heavily on this pathway being clear for fat loss to become successful.


Where has the fat gone?

The law of conservation of mass means that the atoms of an object cannot be created or destroyed, but can be moved around and be changed into different particles” ~Antoine Lavoisier

I led this article with this quote because a lot of individuals are under the impression that when you burn up fat that it is incinerated or destroyed. This is never true of any mass. Mass cannot be destroyed, however it can change into different particles which can be removed from your body through a number of different pathways.

The most prominent of which is through your breathe as you exhale. Approximately 84% of the fat you lose is exhaled. The rest comes out through bodily fluids.

Who cracked this science? A surfer with a physics degree, Ruben Meerman.


In this video Ruben discusses how fat leaves the body.

The whole process happened when Ruben noticed a picture a photographer had taken of him surfing and the resulting hanging pooch that slumped over his front side. He had a gut.

This motivated him to want to lose some weight, but more importantly to find out the science of how this fat was going to leave the body.

He lost the weight through simply eating less and moving more. But there was something more to it that he wanted to discover.

Ruben then took to the beach and asked everyone in sight where they thought the fat disappeared to. He got every response from into the either to it burning up. The correct response was not in sight.

When your body stores excess Macros (carbs, proteins, fats) they are stored as Triglyceride Molecules. These are simply built of three atoms; Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Carbon. To break this molecule up, all you have to do is oxidate them and exhaled or removed through bodily fluid.

We all know that when we breath in air its oxygen (O2), and the chemical compound for carbon dioxide being CO2.  But do you know the chemical formula for human fat?

C55H104O6 ~ The Chemical formula for average human fat found in body

So now that we know what fat is as it is represented in the human body, lets ask the question everyone interested in fat loss is asking; HOW DO I GET RID OF THE FAT?

Throw some oxygen into the equation.

C55H104O6 (fat)+ 78O2 (oxygen/inhaled)——- 55CO2 (cabon dioxide/exhaled) + 52H20 (water)

So when everyone is telling you that fat burns up as heat or energy, that may be an outcome of the process but that is not where the fat goes. Energy is the result of the splitting up of these atoms. But remember it is neither created nor destroyed. It was always there.

In the video, Ruben will go on to explain how sugar is created through a process of plants adding chlorophyll and sunlight in a process of creating glucose.

What is interesting to note is the demonstration made where he compares sugar in water vs solid form. It’s amazing how much sugar gets stored away in these drinks, even the ones disguised as health drinks.

I am sure you have seen this picture.

Sugar in drinks

Could you imagine munching on that many cubes of sugar? Not really. But when you are pounding down a sweet drink you don’t think about it so much.

Being mindful of not drinking your calories is a huge step towards losing the fat.

I for one don’t like to subscribe completely to the calories in calories out thinking as i do see more value in food being nutrient dense as well as certain foods having a hormonal response within your system.

But there is a certain bit of logic when in comes to sugars not being metabolized and thus being absorbed on a molecular level as fat. This i do believe to be true.

So not only breaking down and absorbing glucose into your blood but burning it up in the process is what makes the difference between a healthy person and an obese person.

Having a sedentary life can lead to serious health consequences.

So through exercise we oxygenate our bodies and thus are able to break up the fat stored in our bodies and in our blood. We are literally exhaling those atoms (fat) from our bodies.

So we know oxygen is key to fat loss as it binds with the trygleceride molecules and exercise is a great way to breath in that oxygen. But what is another way we can increase our oxygen levels?

Through your food.

That’s right! By eating more alkaline food, preferable raw food which raises the amount of oxygen your blood lets in.

If you want to know how much oxygen your blood can let in there is a scale called the PH scale which goes from 0 to 14.

Ideal alkaline foods rest around 7 which is where you blood should be.

If you find yourself with a lower PH level in your blood you often will see your health start to decline as well as weight gain begin to onset.

Alkaline foods:

  1. Vegetables – especially raw, leafy greens
  2. Fruits – watermellon, avocado, young cocounts
  3. Wheat grass
  4. Sprouts
  5. healthy herbs and spices like ginger

Acidic foods

  1. Processed foods
  2. sugar
  3. animal protein
  4. grains
  5. dairy
  6. bad fats

I am not advocating to rid completely of animal protein, nor am i saying going vegan is a bad thing. Find out what works for you, but if you include acidic foods in your diet try to maintain with a more alkaline population of foods and less inclusion of acidic foods.

If you are curious what your PH level is, you can often purchase a tester strip at most healthy food stores.

A neat trick, should you find your PH level to be low, is to add two teaspoons of baking soda to water which will make the water alkaline. This is best to be drank at a separate time from digestion.

Another simple recipe for a detox bath would be

1 cup epsom salt

2 cups baking soda

7 drops essential oil







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